The Magic of Singing

Singing can be magical. And the most wonderful thing is that you can experience the magic in your everyday life - right now.

Singing can be magical. And the most wonderful thing is that you can experience the magic in your everyday life – right now.

You can create little pockets of magic when you use your voice. Moments of light and joy that have a ripple effect into the rest of your day – and your life as a whole.

Creating magic doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, I’m a big fan of grounded instant magic that you just create in the moment that you decide it’s time for positive energy to flow through you. You can sing there and then (or if you’re in public and don’t feel like singing out loud, you can hum).

The magic has to do with raising your vibration, I think. Singing can bring you past emotional turmoil and lift your spirit. Wherever you are in life or whatever you’re going through, singing will lift you up. Sometimes just a little bit. We have a saying in Denmark: “Many small streams make a large river”; over time, singing can help create stability and empowerment.

I’m still amazed at how much magic singing brings into my everyday life (even though I had my first solo voice lesson 20 years ago)!

I sing a lot with my two young boys, and I highly recommend that you sing away if you have or know any kids. You’re giving them a gift for life, and it’s pretty fun for you too!

On our last holiday, I used singing to soothe my boys. Getting on board the ferry was an exciting (and noisy) event for them and entering a new environment in a foreign country called for some comfort.
I used singing to “bring them home”, and they were instantly calm.

I also use singing to stay connected to myself. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I can sometimes get a bit too involved with what’s going on around me (and in the world in general!), so having an anchor like my voice is such a gift. I use my voice to transform emotions and to release what I have to say.

And we all have that gift.

I’d like to share a few ways you can use your voice to create some magic in your everyday life. See if you get inspired, and pick one to start with.

5 simple ways to let singing create magic in your life

  1. Begin the day with a song
    What better way to start a new day than with a song? It’s such a simple and profound way to connect to yourself and tap in to the life force.
    Just remember that it may take a little while for your voice to wake up, so be gentle. Chose songs that invites your voice to find itself.
    Or create a playlist and hum along some of your favourite songs.
  2. “Reset” your day
    Maybe your day started okay, but all of a sudden you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s time for a break, and a song may help you reset your day, so you can enjoy the rest of it in a good spirit.
  3. Wave goodbye to anxiety
    Anxiety and other negative emotions can be washed away when you use your voice.
    Your voice connects you to your core, and negative emotions are most overwhelming when you’re not connected to your core. It’s hard for stress and singing to co-exist!
    Sing, and empowerment happens. Your life quality goes up.
  4. Sing with others
    It’s so much fun to sing with a good friend or a close family member. It brings you even closer and opens up for the beautiful flow of co-creation. Pick some songs that you both know well or chose a song each that the other can learn for you to sing together.
    Pure joy!
  5. Use singing to unwind
    Just like starting the day with a song can be magical, so can finishing it with music.
    A lot of us end up in front of a screen when the day is done, but I find that it gives my spirit so much to have a screen-free evening every once in a while.
    Whatever your mood is, find a song that supports that. It’ s a great way of letting go of your day – big and small challenges – and release everything that doesn’t belong to you.

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2021

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