Singing Can Be Easy

Everyone can learn how to sing, because we all have a voice and it’s always with us, waiting to be used. So why does it sometimes seem so difficult? Read on and discover the easy way to sing.

After I had sung a solo the other evening, a woman came over to me, looked at me curiously and asked: “Did you learn how to sing somewhere, are you a trained singer?”
It’s a question I get asked quite often – and it does amuse me at this point!
I’m pretty sure it’s confusing for people to hear me sing, because I look like I’m speaking when I sing – I sing with a free voice and it looks easy.

The old ways of training singers meant that you needed to “sound” a certain way. An idea of “this is what classical singers sound like”, or “this is how you sing pop music”. This idea has also trained the audience to listen for a specific sound…

The good news is that we don’t need to stick to the old outdated ideas about singing!
Singing can be easy and free. A singer can have such great flexibility that it’s possible to sing pop, jazz, classical or rock… You name it. You can sing without being stuck in a box of having to sound a certain way.

So, how do you sing in an easy way? Here are a some tips for you:

  • Sing with your natural voice
    Keep your voice as it is and start developing it. Don’t change your voice, let it be.
    When your voice starts evolving (and that happens when you start using it consciously) you’ll be able to express more and more of yourself with your voice.
  • Forget about sound
    Don’t worry about how your voice sounds. Just sing. And no, this doesn’t mean that you’ll sound like a cave-man or -woman (with all due respect!) – it just means that your focus is on expression rather than how you sound in the ears of others.
  • Honour your voice
    One of the reasons why so many singers get voice problems is that they overrule all the signals of the body.
    Your voice is an instrument. You wouldn’t play a violin with a hammer, and likewise you need to treat your voice with respect.
    Always listen to your body, and if it doesn’t feel easy to sing, you need to make adjustments.

There are big changes happening in the world these years. We have a great opportunity to move towards something that is more authentic and honest – a free expression of ourselves.

Are you ready to sing?

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2021


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