Pamper Yourself

In this blog, I’ll share some tips that will benefit your voice and your well-being.

Singing is all about relaxing and being active at the same time.
It’s important that your body is relaxed and tension-free and at the same time, singing is quite active for your body.

When we’re missing the relaxing bit, singing is uphill! Too much energy is spent on battling the tensions which then leads to more tensions…

When it comes to easy singing, it’s important to relax the jaw, neck, shoulders and stomach area.
Relaxing is part of the foundation of healthy singing.

Here are a few tips to help you sink into relaxation:

  • Tune into your body
    Become aware of your body. Don’t change anything, just make a mental note a few times a day on how your body is feeling.
    Do you feel any tension? Do you feel a peaceful flow of energy?
  • Explore your challenges
    Once you’ve tuned into your body, you’ll know which areas are challenging for you.
    Now you can explore that place or those places a bit more.
    Maybe you can do some beneficial daily exercises or stretching. Maybe you can communicate with your intelligent body and ask how you can help it.
    Either way, be mindful of relaxing the tense places when you sing.
  • Do Yin Yoga
    Yin Yoga is a very gentle kind of yoga that will help you connect with your body in a relaxing and feminine way. It feels so good to stretch the parts of the body that most of us don’t give much attention in everyday life.
    You can find plenty of videos on Youtube to help you get started.
  • Pamper yourself
    Here’s my favourite tip: Before you go to sleep, give yourself a loving massage on the shoulder / neck area.
    I usually alternate between two essential oil massage blends, but you can go super simple by just mixing a tea spoon of carrier oil (e.g. olive oil) with 1 drop of pure essential organic lavender oil.
    It makes such a difference for your well-being in the moment and promotes a good night’s sleep too.

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2022
Photo: Elly Fairytale


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