Nína O'Farrell, voice teacher

Nína O’Farrell

Mezzosoprano & Voice teacher

I’m Nína O’Farrell, founder of Singing Naturally, a trained mezzosoprano and music teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience.

From a young age, I’ve been singing and playing classical piano, and the two instruments have been a part of my musical activities ever since; from participating in piano competitions as a child to widening my musical horizon in the musicology study (Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies, Aarhus University) followed by voice studies at the Reykjavik Academy of Vocal Arts, Iceland, and New Voice Studio in Italy.

I’m dedicated to pass on my knowledge in the musical field as a private teacher and choir director, and to keep exploring my own voice – a work that never ends.

My approach to teaching singing is holistic; to pass on a method that will cultivate a healthy and balanced voice that is completely authentic and true to the student.
In other words: You learn to sing like you.

My roots are Nordic, and I live on the East coast of Denmark with my husband and our two sons.

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