eBook: You Can Sing

You Can Sing - Overcome your fear of singing helps you break through your singing blocks so you can enjoy singing!

You Can Sing – Overcome your fear of singing gives you easy-to-understand theory about your voice and practical steps that will help you overcome any of these four limiting beliefs:

  • I can’t sing!
  • I’m out of tune!
  • I can’t sing high notes!
  • My voice doesn’t sound good!

The eBook comes with practical bonuses that will help you enjoy singing:

  • My Singing Practice Planner (PDF) to help you start a good habit of singing
  • My Voice Wishes (PDF) a step-by-step guide to help you make your singing wishes come true
  • Tune your voice (MP3) an audio exercise for singing in tune
  • Explore your vocal range (MP3) an audio exercise for exploring your full vocal range

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